Your Trusted Async Advisor
3X 7-figure founder, 400+ advisory clients, $400M in GMV and 10 billion views through portfolio companies
A flat $1,800/mo plan
A flat monthly plan, 100% asynchronous, at the tip of your inbox.
Get practical and researched insights you can reference to over time.
A complete 360 business audit
Starting with mission and vision statements, company culture, SOPs, core service offers, org chart, growth channels - everything that makes a company click. Uncovering 3-5 key areas that need improvement that we'd focus on.
Executive goals and fears
Uncovering the most painful obstacles right now and mapping out an actionable plan to mitigate over the next 1, 3, 6 months. Setting goals and reverse-engineering the action steps to get there.
Market calibration (TAM to ICP)
Reviewing current ICP/persona profiles and realigning based on the current macro trends. Evaluating existing offers and coming up with 2 to 3 additional propositions to target separately (one-off solutions to pivot and test laser-focused pain point solvers).
KPIs and scorecards
Establishing actionable goals and results together and mapping the resources in charge of initiatives. Augmenting with agency and contractor support to accelerate as needed. Defining scorecard goals to review weekly together.
Experiment, measure, iterate
Launching new campaigns together and making strategic shifts in internal processes and team structure. Exploring new channels to pivot to based on the available GTM motions successful in the current space.
Brand building
Using the momentum to amplify with thought leadership, ambassador relationships, PR, educational content that builds for the future. Successful campaigns can fuel the engine, but long-lasting brand, organic, social efforts will last forever.
Work with an active operator
Compile a database of tactical strategies by a veteran executive running multiple companies, advising SMEs, investing in startups, and paving the way. 100% async - your inbox is your learning database.
Agency insights
My agency has 40+ experienced practitioners implementing the latest trends and pioneering the way while navigating decisions based on raw data.
Diverse investment portfolio
I invest in AI startups, health tech, hardware devices, modern SaaS businesses and keep the pulse on operational and management models and the investing space for you.
A dedicated R&D team
Growth Shuttle employs 6 full-time people managing all GTM channels - social networks, email, community, partnership groups, SEO. We track daily movements.
Transparent thought leadership
My thought process is transparent and I've gathered an audience of 60,000+ followers and 10,000 subscribers. I put my frameworks to the test and they work.
Your current velocity
Chaotic, hit or miss, testing out strategies without clear benchmarks or expectations
Working with me
Data-driven insights and actionable analysis of the market landscape. Clear KPIs
Mario has been awesome! His helpful insight into the industry, matched with his years of experience, has made him an invaluable source of knowledge and insight. He always goes above and beyond to ensure that my questions are answered to the fullest.
Jacob Warren
I had great coaching sessions with Mario and it was extremely beneficial. Mario was able to quickly understand my business and provide valuable insights and strategies for growth.
I highly recommend Mario as a coach to anyone looking to improve their business or professional skills.
Adrian Sticea
CEO, CustomWP
Mario is an absolute rockstar!
He's always willing to go the extra mile to help with any website-related issue. I highly recommend him.
A go-to source for growth strategy.
Rudolph Shewprasad
Digital Marketing Manager, Thena
My team had a technical and business-related challenge in building our first digital products at
We needed a platform to handle all our payment & taxes related issues, while at the same time integrating with our WordPress-based site.
Mario quickly grasped the context & shared valuable knowledge both business-wise and technically-wise. We successfully implemented what he suggested and had our 50 sales in the first week of the launch with no issues :)
Hari Haralambiev
Co-founder, Tochka2
I've known Mario for a long time and he's an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend.
He is an entrepreneur who has consistently achieved success over the years. Mario always gives advice that is clear, useful, and straight to the point.
If you're thinking about starting a business, I really recommend his book, "126 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur."
Ivan Nakov
Entrepreneur, Engineer @ Revolut
My mentorship/coaching session with Mario was amazing and the follow-up with the closed Slack community was amazing - something to keep me on the right track with the right people.
The advice I was given took me some time to overcome my fears and implement, but once implemented, results were jaw-dropping.
Stefan Dyankov
Serial Founder, Agency & CoWorking
Just an email away
I respond back within 24 hours or less and we can tackle parallel email threads covering different business issues at the time.
No need to work around tough schedule, travel arrangements, time zone differences.
A personalized workspace
We'll set up a Drive folder with notes or a Notion workspace covering the key topics and areas of work you need help with.
Structured in a consistent manner with reference links and additional support.
A fractional CXO experience
After 15+ years of executive work - and as an active operator of other active companies - you will receive timely strategis that work today, right now.
In the event of team churn or hyper growth, DevriX and Growth Shuttle can jump in and cover for you.